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Big City Sales, Inc.:  Specialty firm offering performance optimized battery systems for specific applications,  SAFT Nickel Cadmium engine starter battery systems. BEST BATTERY SELECTORS with and without alternator option for starter battery diode isolation, GENMON and other battery monitoring devices for determining battery condition, STARTALERT system for monitoring condition of the entire electric starting system on engines and turbines

Precision Power Source: Custom generator sound attenuated enclosure capability to build and integrate to meet your toughest specification requirements. Full scope of supply including any base tank system required, silencers, DPF units, SCR units and specialized UL approvals unit design and certification. Generator set testing facilities to do factory performance testing for your customers 

Load Banks Direct:  Standard and custom designs on all types of AC load banks including radiator mounted units and stand alone units. Offerings include resistive and reactive load banks with a wide variety of digital and analog controls

Rocore: Units mounted and both vertical and horizontal core industrial radiators and oil coolers featuring most modern designs for high efficiency and low noise. Many custom designs available for generator set enclosures and site specific special requirements. Shell and tube heat exchangers along with accessories and piping kits are also offered. High pressure round tube low noise radiators are in the portfolio 


LaMarche: Broad range of charger and inverter and specialty UPS products to support full range of DC back power systems. Products include all technologies; magnetic amplifier A12 and A46, controlled ferroresonant A36 and TPSD, SCR A75 series and modular high frequency switch-mode HF and TPM systems and UL 148l listed   UPS systems for fire and security alarm 

MAXIM Silencers:  Industrial, residential and critical engine silencers, accessory “WYE” units, flex connections, thimbles, rain caps as standard designs. Custom designs and pancake and hockey puck silencers 

SAFT America:   Nickel Cadmium and all versions of Lead Acid based standby power systems for all aspects of emergency DC power ranging from engine and turbine starting to switchgear control, uninterruptible power systems, telecom, security and alarm applications. Now featuring new product ranges in low maintenance Ni-Cd systems and state of the art Lithium Ion high energy density sealed battery systems

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